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Praises for The Art and Law of Rest:

“It is not if, but rather when we will each need time to Rest so we may heal. The Art and Law of Rest is a much needed and superbly crafted guide on navigating the all-too-bewildering landscape of employment and income protections we have access to though rarely realize or utilize. I have both personally and professionally witnessed the unintended consequences of working while mentally compromised, unaware that an alternative exists. Andy Chu, Esq. is like a Jedi master, patiently teaching us how to recognize the need for Rest and how to access and advocate for the supports at our fingertips. His expertise, authenticity, and empathy fuel every word. This is essential reading for every professional care provider, HR specialist, and loving member of society.”

— Dawn Gross, MD, PhD, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, UCSF; Medical Director, ANX Hospice; Founder/CEO, Dyalogues, PBC

“This is a book with a real mission and valuable information. Andy Chu is an expert in the field of paid medical leave and disability income. Anyone considering these topics should start with this book.”

— Michael Bernick, former Director of Employment Development Department of CA

“I often say the folks who are least able to deal with the system are the ones who have to deal with it the most. When you are sick or disabled it is especially tough to navigate these systems. Andy’s book helps to level the playing field so that everyone can understand what their rights are. His writing is as lovely, clear, and accessible as he is. Andy’s career has been all about public service. This book reflects that commitment.”

— Bill Hirsh, Esq., Executive Director of AIDS Legal Referral Panel

“With more than 19 years of legal and practical experience the expert author has written masterfully, accessibly, and coherently about disability. The reader will emerge with a complete understanding about the processing and advocacy needed to establish disability. The book permits the reader to tailor the knowledge so that it applies to the individual needs.”

— G. Andrew H. Benjamin, JD, PhD, ABPP, Clinical Professor of Psychology & Affiliate Professor of Law, University of Washington

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